Cité médiévale de Lauzerte



82110 Lauzerte

Phone : 06 74 36 99 40

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Come and discover Adodane!
No race against time!
No more overloaded backpacks!
The ideal ride to share with the family!

Take the time to walk with a donkey and discover the beautiful landscapes of Quercy Blanc. An ideal idea for a walk to share with the family to have children discover walking in a fun way. A good idea also to no longer carry loaded backpacks.
Donkeys are rented with their equipment (pack, blanket, saddlebags, etc.).
The departure is from Lauzerte, possibility of departing from other villages in Quercy Blanc (additional transport costs).

We also offer "l'Escargoline" but what is it!

The Escargoline is a revolutionary little machine, a cart on 3 wheels, capable of transporting people with disabilities, or people with reduced mobility (elderly) or even children, on all types of roads.

It can be towed by one or two people, or by an animal ... (donkey, pony, mule, horse).
The Escargoline can safely transport an adult person, even overweight, or two teenagers, or three children, or even a mother and her two children ... Or a grandpa with her two grandchildren ...

This wonderful machine gives access to paths and nature to anyone with a disability, to the elderly.
You cannot imagine the happiness of these people who are easily forgotten when it comes to hiking!

With Escargoline, they have their place among us, among all ... Magnificent!

Reception from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Donkeys and equipment available on reservation
Period from April to September and school holidays

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GPS coordinates

lat. 44° 15' 33" - long. 1° 8' 36"


    Accueil du lundi au samedi, de 9h à 12h et de 14h à 18h, Mise à disposition des ânes et matériels sur réservation
    Période d'avril à septembre et vacances scolaires


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    Location âne bâté : journée : from 55
    Location âne attelé : Initiation (≃ 3 km /1h) : from 35
    Location âne bâté : circuits 1 (≃ 6 km /2h) : from 35
    Location âne attelé journée : from 75
    Location âne attelé : circuits 1 (≃ 6 km /2h) : from 45
    Location âne bâté : circuits 2 (≃ 10 km 1/2 jour) : from 40
    Location âne attelé : circuits 2 (≃ 10 km 1/2 jour) : from 55
    Location âne bâté : Initiation (≃ 3 km /1h) : from 25
    Transport ânes et matériels aller / retour : from 0.9

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