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Roc des Nobis


Roc des Nobis RoquecorRoc des Nobis RoquecorRoc des NobisRoc des NObis RoquecorRoc des Nobis Roquecor


The Roc des Nobis is a troglodyte site which the visitor accesses by a landscaped path. Lined with shrubs, flowers and plants of various species, this passage is considered a park in its own right on the edge of the village of Roquecor, even though it is only a few tens of meters long."Lou Roc des Nobis" below the village under the cliff, lets hover a mysterious legend around him: "at the dawn of the Middle Ages, a very beautiful wedding took place in the church of Saint-Martin de Roquecor Lords, peasants and knights, all gathered around a large table, feasting under the ramparts of the castle.Suddenly, with a terrible crash, a huge boulder was detached, the engaged couple and their guests, were engulfed forever. This rock and the place from which it came off are still visible.


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