The Essentials



Quercy Sud-Ouest, it springs and flows from the source !

A succession of limestone plateaux and narrow parallel valleys, oriented northeast / Southwest, forms a bucolic landscape of  Mediterranean ambience.

Several rivers and small streams irrigate the landscape, punctuated here and there by lakes among small valleys.

Always used by  man, the water of the sources is captured, tamed, for the irrigation of crops and the supply of the still existing mills.

Weirs, fountains, drinking water points and washing places can be discovered close to the hiking paths, refreshing walkers and animals, while evoking the time not so distant when the use of  water was also the opportunity to maintain cultural and social relationsships.

Several lakes have been developed for fishing pêche in Touffailles (special acces for the disabled), Montaigu de Quercy, Roquecor village and Saint Beauzeil.

The Leisure Base of Montaigu Beach Base de loisirs de Montaigu Plage  brings the freshness essential in the summer, with its beach of white sand shaded by centennial oaks.