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Festival Extrême Session

from 19 july 2019 to 20 july 2019

Far Session this year celebrates its 16th edition! Largest Southwest extreme sports gathering, a ric...

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Concert et Soirée Rock'N Roll

On 20 july 2019

Le Comité des Fêtes vous invite le

Samedi 20 juillet à partir de 20h à leur soir...

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Fête Votive de Touffailles

from 18 july 2019 to 21 july 2019

Le Comité des fêtes de Touffailles vous invite à leur fête votive

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Vide Grenier de la Pétanque

On 21 july 2019

La Pétanque Montacutaine vous invite le:

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Metalik'Art : symposium de Sculpture Métallique

from 20 july 2019 to 21 july 2019

L’Association Metalik'Art organise le :

Samedi 20 & le dimanche 21 juillet 2019 à Lauze...

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As the seasons go by

Au fil des saisons





As true lovers of nature, living in the Quercy allows you to discover a very different nature each season.
In spring, the good weather settles quickly and we must see the trees in bloom illuminate the valley of their whiteness.
In summer we look for the shade of the big trees, we take advantage of the long end of the day for a stroll at a time when the sun is bowing.
In autumn and winter, mists move up the valleys and create magical atmospheres.