Churches and Chapels

Chapelle Carmes

The churches and chapels.

Happy match of the light-colored stone, tile and brick with warm  reliefs evoking the Midi, the built heritage of the Quercy Southwest is not limited only to civil constructions. The christian fervour and the relative density of population during the Romanesque period have resulted in the construction of many churches and chapels, taking advantage of the spiritual radiation of the abbeys of Moissac and Saint Maurin, and the general movement of expansion, well imaged by the famous formula of the "white coat of churches", according to Raoul Glaber, French columnist of the 11th century.

If many have disappeared, our terroir remains a reference in terms of concentration of these buildings. Of  touching architectural simplicity, they punctuate regularly the landscape, often isolated in their vale.



The most interesting in Quercy Sud-Ouest:

Saint Sauveur in Bouloc,
Saint Jean de Bruyères in Cazes Mondenard,
Saint Romain in Fauroux,
Notre Dame, Saint Etienne de Castanède and Saint Julien de la Mothe in Lacour,
Saint Barthélemy and  Saint Sernin du Bosc in Lauzerte,
Notre Dame de Bellecassagne in Miramont de Quercy,
Saint Sulpice in Montagudet,
Notre Dame de Gouts and Saint Pierre de Pervillac in Montaigu de Quercy,
Saint Martin in Roquecor,
Saint Sernin des Pintiers in Saint Nazaire de Valentane,
Saint Christophe and Sainte Livrade de Séoune in Touffailles,
Saint Martin and Saint Pierre-ès-Liens d’Ayrens in Valeilles.