Santiago de Compostela

Lauzerte, a stop on your way


Lauzerte, your first stay in Tarn et Garonne

Lauzerte, whose etymology means light, lighted place, appears as a mirage to pilgrims walking down the Way of Saint James de Compostela from Montcuq.

Historical and legendary path, spirituality and sociocultural confluence, the Via Podiensis is today a trail of great hiking, the Gr 65, which starts in Puy-en-Velay.

Lauzerte, which has hosted many pilgrims since the 12th century, is the entrance to the path in the department.

Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the province of Galicia, Spain, place of the discovery of the tomb of the presumed James the Major, one of the twelve apostles of the Christ, at the beginning of the 9th century.

4 historical paths run across France, to join this major place of Christian pilgrimage in the west of Europe.

 - The trail from Paris or Tours
- The trail of Vezelay
- The trail of Le Puy-en-Velay
- The trail of Arles

Lauzerte is located on the path of Puy-en-Velay (Marian Shrine, in the Haute-Loire department), historical "Via Podiensis", 385 km from this main departure point in France, and 1137 km from Santiago de Compostela. Many pilgrims from Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria and Switzerland hike on that track.

More than 60 days of walking are required to complete the entire distance, 20 to 30 km per day.

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