A country nurtured by human activities

The Pays de Serres en Quercy remains very marked by its agricultural activity.

Polyculture, encouraged by the diversity of the relief, the variety of soils and exposure to sunlight, paints the landscape in colored plots where the fruits abound.

Earth, vineyards and orchards produce among others the famous Melons of the Quercy, Chasselas de Moissac, Queens Golden Claude, Prunes from Agen… and the original lavender of the Quercy! Melons du QuercyChasselas de Moissac  lavande du Quercy

The breeding remains well implanted: lambs, calves and cattle farmers, poultry, cheeses of cow or goat.

The organic farming is booming, illustrating the willingness to share healthy and quality products.

The nature becomes garden, the rhythm of the lives of the people of the country shades the stalls of the markets.

Producers  and restaurateurs put a point of honour to sublimate the flavours of the local gastronomy.

Allied to the stone, the clay has always been used as material in the traditional construction, rural architecture, civil, military and religious.

Expressing the talent of the men to cultivate the soil, it is also found kneaded by the hands of the potters and other craftsmen of art.

Allied to the fire, it produces ceramics and colored enamels of a thousand shades, as "traces left by the Poet," according to the image of the creations of Jacques Buchholtz in Lauzerte.